Our Team

Sebastian Arnold

Professor for Regenerative Phamacology and Managing Director of the Department II at the Institute for Experimental and Clinical Parmacology and Toxicology

Anna Zissel

Technical Assistant

Cansu Türkan Güzel

Ph.D. Student

Alex Wehmeyer

M.D. Student

Dr. Katrin Schüle

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Lea Zissel

Ph.D. Student

Dr. Mehmet Tekman

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Chiara Schröder

Ph.D. Student

Thilo Bass


The fairy godmother of the lab

Dr. Simone Probst

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Visualization of the emergence of cell lineages during gastrulation in the mouse embryo

Our Alumni

Timon Trappe (Pharmac. B.Sc. Student)

Alexandra Conrad (M.D. Student)           

Anna-Katharina Guther (Dipl. Pharma. Student)

Dilara Hasavci (Biol. M.Sc. Student, Ph.D. Student)

Viviane del Rosso (Biol. M.Sc. Student) 

Sophie Mersiowsky (M.D. Student)

Dr. Gwang-Jin “Josephus” Kim (Postdoctoral Research Fellow)

Marcel  Knüttel (M.D. Student)

Marvin Müller (Ph.D. Student) 

Mareike Klingler (Biol. M.Sc. Student)   

Ida Schregel (M.D. Student)      

Lukas Dunkl (M.D. Student)       

Theresa Kammerer (M.D. Student)        

Jelena Tosic (Ph.D. Student)

Natalie Bader (M.D. Student)

Nora Huber (Undergraduate Student)

Hannes Engel (M.D. Student)

Maja Funk (Ph.D. Student)

Dr. Georg Kuales (Postdoctoral Research Fellow)

Florian  Kaes (M.D. Student)      

Dr. Agatha Bera (Postdoctoral Research Fellow)

Oliver Sedelmaier (Ph.D. Student)

Matthias Weiß (Ph.D. Student)

Moritz Vogt (M.D. Student)

Inga-Marie Pimeisl (Ph.D. Student)

Mihael Pavlovic (Technician, M.D. Student)

Julian Knörlein (M.D. Student)

Sarah Dräger (Undergraduate Student)

Dr. Ina Georg (Postdoctoral Research Fellow)